Today I'm going to give you a little bit more on Allan Kardec's interview with the spirits. Feel free to ask any questions

Primitive and Normal World
Q. Do spirits constitute a world apart from that which we see?

A. "Yes; the world of spirits or incorporeal intelligences."

Q. Which of the two, the spirit-world or the corporeal world, is the principal one in the order of the universe?

A. "The spirit-world. It is pre-existent to, and survives, everything else."

Q. Might the corporeal world never have existed, or cease to exist, without changing the essentiality of the spirit-world?

A. "Yes; they are independent of each other, and yet their correlation is incessant, for they react incessantly upon each other."

Q. Do spirits occupy a determinate and circumscribed region in space?

A. "Spirits are everywhere; the infinitudes of space are peopled with them in infinite numbers. Unperceived by you, they are incessantly beside you, observing and acting upon you; for spirits are one of the powers of Nature, and are the instruments employed by God for the accomplishment of His providential designs. But all spirits do not go everywhere; there are regions of which the entrance is interdicted to those who are less advanced."