I don't understand how this blogging stuff works? I mean are people even seeing my blogs? So many people talk about how they need answers and want to understated the meaning of life, but yet, No one asks me anything! Am I wasting my time and money doing this? oh wait, maybe I'm just too late and everyone has life all figured out? ya, that's gotta be it! well. i'm here.. Alone, waiting for someone to reach out to me. if i could help just one person, i will be grateful and it would not have all been a waste of my time. chow bacalows! 
The death sentence is Murder!!!!

The argument: 
Jesus said, "He that take the sword shall perish by the sword." Are not these words the consecration of the principle of retaliation? and is not the penalty of death, inflicted on a murderer, an application of this principle?

The truth: 
"Take care! You have mistaken the meaning of these words, as of many others. The only righteous retaliation is the justice of God; because it is applied by Him. You are all, at every moment, undergoing this retaliation, for you are punished in that wherein you have sinned, in this life or in another one. He who has caused his fellow-men to suffer will be placed in a situation in which he himself will suffer what he caused them to endure. This is the true meaning of the words of Jesus; for has He not also said to you, 'Forgive your enemies,' and has He not taught you to pray that God may forgive you your trespasses as you forgive those who have trespassed against you, that is to say, exactly in proportion as you have forgiven? Try to take in the full meaning of those words."

Think about this... How, if a murderer is killed, may he have a chance to repent for he has done and maybe even do something to change lives. Also, What about all those other people who are sentenced to death and are truly innocent. You have to gave seen the green mile right? That was so unjust and not to mention so sad. Any hoot okay, here ya go. spread the photo if you would like!