I gave birth to 6 children who were all 2 years apart. There were days when I just wanted to pull my own hair out but  I really couldn't because it was already falling out thanks to these bad ass teens who think they know everything.
 "I got this" they say..  ya right you aint got shit and your ass stinks!

 This new generation have such entitlement issues and lack of respect, that i just want to scream at times! so how did I handle it? muahahaha! I blocked out all the negative and just concerned myself with the positive. when I see them do something wrong or going in the wrong direction in life, I advise them otherwise.  They can listen to reason or not but you need to bring yourself to that point of detachment or you will make yourself sick. You have to understand that some kids are just going to do what they do and as long as they don't bring the shit to your house, it's no longer your problem. that doesn't mean stop caring or stop pushing them to do what is important, for example: My 16 years old pot head son smokes every f***ing day and no matter what i did in the past, it didn't stop him from smoking after his probation and treatment, but those 18 months of sobriety made him think and now, although he still smokes, he is doing great in school, got his drivers permit, no longer disrespects his teachers and got himself a job. the little shit really wont help me clean or even come home before 9 pm but he's handling his business and my headaches are less than before. I cant sit here and worry about his smoking or when he"s getting home, I just gotta trust that I am doing the best I can to keep him on track and he is doing him as well. pray for the safety of your children and love them. be firm but not hysterical, remember to always keep an iron fist underneath your velvet glove! 

My stress levels went from 100 to 25 in just a few months of different practices I used to accomplish this goal. see, I love me and if I don't take care of me who will?