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I gave birth to 6 children who were all 2 years apart. There were days when I just wanted to pull my own hair out but  I really couldn't because it was already falling out thanks to these bad ass teens who think they know everything.
 "I got this" they say..  ya right you aint got shit and your ass stinks!

 This new generation have such entitlement issues and lack of respect, that i just want to scream at times! so how did I handle it? muahahaha! I blocked out all the negative and just concerned myself with the positive. when I see them do something wrong or going in the wrong direction in life, I advise them otherwise.  They can listen to reason or not but you need to bring yourself to that point of detachment or you will make yourself sick. You have to understand that some kids are just going to do what they do and as long as they don't bring the shit to your house, it's no longer your problem. that doesn't mean stop caring or stop pushing them to do what is important, for example: My 16 years old pot head son smokes every f***ing day and no matter what i did in the past, it didn't stop him from smoking after his probation and treatment, but those 18 months of sobriety made him think and now, although he still smokes, he is doing great in school, got his drivers permit, no longer disrespects his teachers and got himself a job. the little shit really wont help me clean or even come home before 9 pm but he's handling his business and my headaches are less than before. I cant sit here and worry about his smoking or when he"s getting home, I just gotta trust that I am doing the best I can to keep him on track and he is doing him as well. pray for the safety of your children and love them. be firm but not hysterical, remember to always keep an iron fist underneath your velvet glove! 

My stress levels went from 100 to 25 in just a few months of different practices I used to accomplish this goal. see, I love me and if I don't take care of me who will?


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I am very saddened by all the radicals judging everyone so harshly lately!! 
This of course leads me to...
Today's words of wisdom:

"He who is without sin, cast the first stone!" 
This means, who is anyone to be judge of another. Who can say this person is wrong and that person is this or that? everyone has committed sin and will continue to commit sin until they learn to be absolutely SELFLESS. And for that my friend, you will need to be born again many times over until you become like mother Teresa or Ghandi.

See look at the difference between the post of a spiritist Christian vs a post of a radicle Christian. We spiritist encourage learning, growing, love, peace, harmony, sympathy, charity and so forth. Because those are the example of Our lord. We do not encourage sin but we will not discourage the ways of The Lord by judging and offending others. That only pushed people away. Jesus was perfect and the only thing he ever got upset about was the people pushing religion on others. He never talked down to a prostitute, thief, murderer, or even judas who he knew would betray him, he only reprimanded those who judged and pointed fingers.

Radicle Christians, that's all they do. Point fingers, insult, murmur, tell people they are going to hell. Why????

Focusing on the negative only results in negative. Spreading the lords love and light is more important than pointing fingers.

Matthew 7:1-5

“Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Romans 3:23

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

Matthew 5:13-

“You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under people's feet. “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

I have many more my friends

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  • Jesus spoke of reincarnation. The entire bible did. Just look.

    When Nicodemus came to warn Jesus in 
    John 3:3, 7. “Unless anyone is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. Do not marvel because I told you, You people must be born again.”

    Malachi 4:5,6 Look! I am sending to you E·liʹjah the prophet before the coming of the great and awe-inspiring day of Jehovah And he will turn the hearts of fathers back toward sons and the hearts of sons back toward fathers, so that I may not come and strike the earth, devoting it to destruction.”

    Matthew 11:13, 14.
    For all, the Prophets and the Law, prophesied until John . . . He himself is ‘Elijah who is destined to come.’”

    The idea that John the Baptist was Elijah, and the prophets could revive the earth, is in many passages of the Gospels, especially in out above (paragraph 1-3). If this belief was a mistake, Jesus would still fight it, as he did with so many others. Far from it, however, he signed with all their authority, and became a principle, making it necessary, when he said: No one can see the Kingdom of God unless he is born again. And he insisted, adding: Marvel not that I have said that it is necessary to be born again.

    These words: "If you is born of water and the Spirit" were interpreted in the sense of regeneration by water baptism. But the original text simply says: Not born of water and of the Spirit, while in some translations, the term was replaced by the Spirit of the Holy Ghost, which does not correspond to the same thought. This point underscores the capital of the first comments made about the Gospel, as well as one day be found unequivocally possible. (1)

    To understand the true meaning of these words, it is necessary to report the meaning of the word, which was not used in its specific sense. The ancients had imperfect knowledge about the physical sciences, and believed that the Earth was out of the water. Therefore, the water regarded as the absolute generating element. Thus we find in Genesis: "The Spirit of God was carried upon the waters", "floating on water", "the sky is in the midst of the waters," which the waters under the heaven come together in one place and that the element appears arid "," the waters produce living creatures that swim in the water, and birds flying over the earth and under the firmament. "
    According to this belief, the water had become the symbol of material nature, as the Spirit was the intelligent nature. These words: "If a man born of water and the Spirit," or "water and Spirit", it means: "If a man be born again with the body and soul." In this sense it is understood they were in the beginning.
    This interpretation is justified, moreover, by these other words: "That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit." Jesus makes a distinction here between the positive spirit and the body. "That which is born of the flesh is flesh," clearly indicates that the body carries only the body, and that the Spirit is independent of it.

    "The Spirit blows where it wills, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes," is a passage that can be understood by the Spirit of God who gives life to whom he will, or the soul of man. In this last sense, the sequence: "but do not know where it comes from or where it goes," means that we do not know what was or what will be the Spirit. If, on the contrary, the spirit or soul, was created with the body, we would know where he comes from, because we would know its beginning. In any case, this passage is the consecration of the principle of the preexistence of the soul, and therefore of the plurality of existences.

    Since the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven is taken by force, and those who do violence are those who snatch. For all the prophets and the law, until John prophesied. And if ye will ye understand well, he is Elijah who is to come. He who has ears to hear, let him hear. " (Matthew, XI: 12-15)
     Did you also know that language in those days were so limited that words had different meanings. For instance 
  • Was / Is now

    Camel / rope
    Water / earth
    Demon / genius/intelligence

    Let me explain: 
    It is only in its modern acceptation that the word demon implies the idea of evil spirits, for the Greek work daimôn from which it is derived, signifies genius, intelligence, and is applied indiscriminately to all incorporeal beings, whether good or bad.

<![CDATA[How I got to know my Guardian Spirit, (Angel)]]>Fri, 08 May 2015 15:33:07 GMThttp://fruitfromthetree.com/the-meaning-of-life-blog/how-i-got-to-know-my-guardian-spirit-angelToday's blog is dedicated to Eric Megus

I want to tell you about how I became in close communication with my guardian spirit and then acquired a name for him. When I was young I was raised among Santeros, a Cuban mixed with Nigerian version of the Yaruba religion. You can say it's in the voodoo family. Once I became a young teenager I decided I wanted to seek God, truth and knowledge, so I began to go to different churches on my own. I knew that spirits existed and I had my own theories even as a young child but there was this emptiness inside that I knew I needed to feel somehow. Regardless of everything I went through in life, I always felt safe, I always felt like there was something or someone protecting me. During the years I was baptized a million times in a million different churches and then something happened. I had heard about a story of a man who almost fell off a cliff and something supernatural lifted him up and saved him from the fall. He assumed it was a angel and from that point forward he began to create beautiful paintings of angels. I thought to myself, if an Angel can lift somebody from falling from a cliff, I'm sure an angel can answer questions and prayer. So I began to speak to Angels.
I talked to the angels in the morning, in the night, at work, when I was driving, while I was cooking and when I was cleaning. The angels were on my mind 24 hours a day. I even found myself thinking of them during sex and it was very hard to shut them off. I remember a time where me and my mother got into such an ugly fight I developed insomnia. One night before the first day of school, it was 5 o'clock in the morning and I still couldn't fall asleep, so I asked the angels to please help me fall asleep and make sure that I was awake by 7 o'clock in the morning for it was my daughters first day of school. That's the last thing I remember. I must've knocked out right after. Suddenly I remember feeling something like a tap on my shoulder and my first reaction was to jump up and shake it off, see where I lived we had water bugs the size of New york city rats, so that's was what I thought it was. Then I realized that it was a finger tapping on my shoulder that I felt, not a bug. I quickly turned to look at the clock and it was 7:00 AM on the dot. My heart swells with joy and that's when I knew I had my own guardian angel. Shortly after that I began to experience answers to my prayers through dreams, and it was always an angel that delivered the answer. Then the weirdest thing began to happen, people around me starting having dreams as well. A little lady who live next-door to me, knocked on my door one morning and told me that she had a dream and a very important message for me, from an Angel.

The dream:
She was sitting at a desk in a dark room with nothing but one candle lighting the Bible she had in front of her. She said a huge glowing hand went over her shoulder and started flipping the pages of the Bible she was reading without touching them. When the pages stopped moving he pointed at a verse and asked her to read it, so she did. The angel asked her to repeat it, and she did. Then he asked her to repeat it one more time, so she obliged. Suddenly the angel spoke and said "now go next-door and make sure that Anna gets this message".

So I asked the woman, "what is the verse, what was the message?" And her answer to me was "I'm sorry, I forgot"

She was old. I wasn't mad at her. :)

That was just one of the dreams that the people around me began to have. The dreams I had and the dreams they had all indicated that I was one of them (the Angels?) but I was not ready. This intrigued me but at the same time it made me even sadder. I mean I have tried going to churches, I have tried different religions and I still don't understand why I feel this emptiness inside of me. I have faith because I know there something out there but the things that are being taught to me and the religion that has been indoctrinated inside of my head, gives me nothing but blind faith and hope, and hope it's nothing but faith with doubt. So I began church hopping some more and more and more. I did this for years still feeling empty until, I finally took the step and began to study religion from the beginning. When I say from the beginning I mean from the first artifacts ever found when God was still a woman. After a few years of studying different religions, different beliefs and learning so much of our history, I found myself losing my religion. I didn't believe that Jesus was the son of God anymore, I couldn't believe that any church was the right church, and I sure didn't believe that the devil existed Nor a hell. Then one day when visiting one of my old Yaruba priests and mentors, he told me that I was looking in all the wrong places. He read my shels, and he said to me "you are a spiritist". I asked him how can I be a spiritist if I don't even know what a spiritist is. Then he mentioned a name that lead me to a book written by a man named Allan Kardec.
After the study of spiritism, I found my solid faith. I also found that angels with fairy wings do not really exist. They are actually guardian spirits, spirits that are more purified than ourselves. They are more purified not because God made them that way, but because they seeked truth long before I did. They are still seeking perfection, and their job is to protect us while we are here on this world. At birth each one of us are assigned a protective spirit and they are what we know to be our Conscience.
(You can read more about it on this website)

So, how did I find out who my guardian Spirit is and how did i get his name? Here's my story.
One day I was with my daughter and we decided to break a Thanksgiving turkey wishbone.
My wish was, for my guardian spirit to give me a name that I may call him. See spirits say they don't care about names but that they will provide us with one for our traditional and emotional needs.
I won the break and that same night I had a dream.

The dream:
I was driving down the streets of Manhattan in my car and there were fires everywhere. They were like spot fires, one parked car would be on fire and the other car wouldn't. One window in a building would be on fire and another in the same building would not be. It was night already and I was headed for a bridge. On the other side of that bridge was a small island and there, everyone was taking refuge from the fires.
When I got there, their were people everywhere, cooking on open fires, sitting outside their cars on lawn chairs talking, healing and resting. I never had a chance to get out of my car before woman all dressed in white, with a white turban, came up to my car window. She asked me "are you Anna"
I said "yes how did you know that". She said "your guardian spirit would like you to call him Elegun". I asked her to repeat it and she did. At that instant I woke myself up out of the dream, grabbed my phone and googled the name. I found that the name comes from Africa and it is not actually a name, it is a word that means communication between spirit and man. From that moment on, he became my Elegun.

FYI: I am also an artist and after that I have decided to name all my artwork and sign it Elegun. ❤️

I hope this answers your question Eric.

Love and peace too you always

<![CDATA[I Don't get it! ]]>Sat, 25 Apr 2015 00:07:04 GMThttp://fruitfromthetree.com/the-meaning-of-life-blog/i-dont-get-itI don't understand how this blogging stuff works? I mean are people even seeing my blogs? So many people talk about how they need answers and want to understated the meaning of life, but yet, No one asks me anything! Am I wasting my time and money doing this? oh wait, maybe I'm just too late and everyone has life all figured out? ya, that's gotta be it! well. i'm here.. Alone, waiting for someone to reach out to me. if i could help just one person, i will be grateful and it would not have all been a waste of my time. chow bacalows! 
<![CDATA[Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should not be Murdered! ]]>Tue, 21 Apr 2015 21:25:16 GMThttp://fruitfromthetree.com/the-meaning-of-life-blog/dzhokhar-tsarnaev-should-not-be-murderedThe death sentence is Murder!!!!

The argument: 
Jesus said, "He that take the sword shall perish by the sword." Are not these words the consecration of the principle of retaliation? and is not the penalty of death, inflicted on a murderer, an application of this principle?

The truth: 
"Take care! You have mistaken the meaning of these words, as of many others. The only righteous retaliation is the justice of God; because it is applied by Him. You are all, at every moment, undergoing this retaliation, for you are punished in that wherein you have sinned, in this life or in another one. He who has caused his fellow-men to suffer will be placed in a situation in which he himself will suffer what he caused them to endure. This is the true meaning of the words of Jesus; for has He not also said to you, 'Forgive your enemies,' and has He not taught you to pray that God may forgive you your trespasses as you forgive those who have trespassed against you, that is to say, exactly in proportion as you have forgiven? Try to take in the full meaning of those words."

Think about this... How, if a murderer is killed, may he have a chance to repent for he has done and maybe even do something to change lives. Also, What about all those other people who are sentenced to death and are truly innocent. You have to gave seen the green mile right? That was so unjust and not to mention so sad. Any hoot okay, here ya go. spread the photo if you would like! 


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Today, I have to say that I'm going to touch a topic that has really hit home. So many things have happen to me in these short 44 years of my life, I have been abandoned, abused, in love, blessed, taken, worked to death, lost, I have suffered death, lies, single parenting, I have been blessed with children, jobs, friends, family.... But nothing beats the things I went through in the last two years. I gained over 50 lbs that I just couldn’t lose no matter what and it seemed to be weighing me down, I almost lost my most humblest of sons to meningitis, had to help my last two children overcome drug abuse, Anger and violence issues and had to get my uterus and fallopian tubes removed due to two illnesses that had come over me. (that’s what the weight gain was about) Cared for my mother through her last 2 months of cancer, then walked her through to the spirit world until she left me. During all this turmoil, My eldest son had a beautiful son who I call Gordo because hes so chubby and cute, Shortly after his birth, he and his girl had an ugly split up and although I subconsciously saw this next one coming, I just wasn’t expecting it Ever; ready for this, My son came out of the closet.

My son is the third of my six children, first born son. He has two older sisters and they are all two years apart. I remember when he was a baby, my girls, both having straight hair, loved to play with his curly head of hair. During these play times, they would dress him up as a girl and I remember my mother getting really upset and saying that if they continued to do this, they would surly turn my son gay. I never believed that theory, I mean gay is not something that is made, I believed it was something you are born with. I knew that because I too am what I call “Half Fag.” After a couple of years, he started to play with dolls, not alone, but with his sisters and I remember the care he took on the baby dolls, caring and changing them like real babies. Again my mother told me to take them from him because it would some how, in her mind, turn him gay. I again did not agree and told her that if anything, it is a good sign that my son is developing nurturing tendencies and there is nothing wrong with a father who nurtures his children. So, yes I allowed it and eventually he grew out of it and moved forward to boy things like violent video games, bikes and even boy scout. 

To me, there were always little signs here and there of feminism, the laugh, his movements, the songs he chose to sing out loud, you know, those little things that make your every day Joe call you gay while laughing it off. But after he gave me a grand son, I figured it was just left overs from his former life and that was the end. I'm sure there are many people that are reincarnated as the opposite sex and don’t act upon it; nevertheless, the possibilities are always there. Needless to say, my son decided to come out and publicly say that he is a bi-sexual man. To be honest, I was not shocked at all. My only shock was that he decided to tell the world through social media rather than a good old fashion family dinner. You know the dinner with the clacking of the silverware to the dishes, that one brother who always chew too loud, the chattering with no end, then the awkward moment when the announcement is made.

After reading the Spirits book, I truly understood why some people are attracted to their same sex, I understood why some people actually feel as if they were born in the wrong body. They feel trapped, they feel as if it was a mistake and some feel so strongly about it, that they even go as far as surgically changing it and changing their entire lives. So, what does this all mean for a gay? OK, let's look at it deeper shall we: 

when we are born into the world, we come to perfect our souls. A greedy rich man will more than than likely come back as a beggar, a woman who would not care for her sick child, would probably be reborn with an illness and a male chauvinistic asshole, would probably come back as a fragile little woman. now why in earth, would we come back as the opposite? Let's take the rich man and dissect that scenario for a moment. Say there's a Rich man and he loves his money and he spends it on himself his entire life, that would make him greedy. And if you want to get biblical, greedy is one of the seven deadly sins. Okay, so let's say this person is walking down the street and a beggar put his hand out to him, The person will extend their hand and the Rich man's first reaction would be to cringe for fear of germs, then automatically become defensive and think to himself that that person should take a shower, get it together and get a job. The rich go throughout their lives with this attitude, because they feel that their money was rightfully earned and it belongs to them. Okay man gets old, dies of a heart attack. He goes into the spirit world and he takes a long hard look at what he did with his life. Surely, a celestial being is going to ask him “what did you do with all the money that God allowed you to obtain?” And that's where his own hell comes in.

This my friends, would be the meaning of hell to someone who really cares about eternity and their souls. Once he realizes what he has done, the people he could have saved and how easily he could have given a hot meal to anyone in need, then he begins to make his future plans to correct his wrongs.
The spirits say: that for the majority of the time, you choose your own destiny; meaning, you choose what you would like to come back as in order to help your purification, your progress. So the rich man chooses to come back as a beggar because he needs to know what it's like to need, to want, to be humiliated, to be wronged and to be rejected when he puts his hand out. Only in this way will he learn to sympathize with the poor and the needy.

So the rich man is now reborn and in order to get him to become a beggar, God will allow him to have an illness; let's use "paranoid schizophrenia." This poor beggar spent his entire life not being able to function in society, becomes homeless, and then dies a horrible death in the freezing cold under a bridge. Now he's back in the spirit world again, but this time he didn't do the wrongs he did before. Now that he knows what it's like to be a poor beggar, he will be reborn again and in his new life it would be very difficult for him to reject an open hand. His heart and his intuition will carry the sympathy and the burdens of his past experiences and every time he sees a homeless person, his heart will go out to him automatically; thus, making him a giver in this life. And that is why God allows illness, poverty and all kinds of things, because it's all part of the perfect plan.

So let's go back to the gay situation. Every Life you live, you learn something and your soul never forget those things. Although your organic brain has no memory of any of it, your souls intuition does. So if you've been reincarnated five times as a man, who obviously loves women, it would be difficult for you to come back in a woman's body and not be attracted to other women. It's the same thing with women. If a soul is reincarnated as a woman five times, then suddenly brought back as a man, that soul only knows feminism and love towards men. Remember, souls have no sex, that only come with the organic body. For some souls It's hard to readjust and do things the opposite way. So you see that is how you know you are born gay, you are not made into one. I'm not saying that it's right, but I'm sure as hell not saying that it's wrong. Love is love and if you have to fight too hard to not be attracted to the same sex, you're going to live a miserable existence. So do what you got to do as long as it is in the name of love not just pure pleasures. That's not just on the topic of gays, but this is a practice that everyone should apply to everything in their lives. Love, Sympathy and Charity should come first and for most. Trust me when I tell you, if you put all those things first, everything else will start falling into place. Even if you spend the rest of your life with a gay partner, it just doesn't fucking matter. You love who you love, as long as there's no malice, you will be blessed.

Liked my Blog, great! Please comment, I would love to read your thoughts and discuss anything you want. Hate by Blog. Boo! Please comment and tell me why?
Many blessings,

<![CDATA[Animals Have Souls! ]]>Wed, 25 Mar 2015 16:22:16 GMThttp://fruitfromthetree.com/the-meaning-of-life-blog/animals-have-souls My children at some point or another all asked me the same question, "mommy, what happens to animals after they die? Do they go to heaven?" truthfully, although I wasn't so sure; my intuition always said that they did, so... my answer was always the same, "of course they do honey" I mean really, what the hell you you tell a 7 year old child in tears because their Goldfish died. We had a dog named Blanco for many years, Blanco was a Pit bull and very friendly. He was gentle with small animals and rough with stuffed toys. One night someone left the front door open and Blanco got out. He saw a woman standing with her shih tzu and Blanco being the very playful dog that he was, picked him up, shook him around and killed him  of fright. he never punctured him with his teeth, but it did look like a stuffed toy. ugh... The city of north Las Vegas has a no tolerance for pit bulls and they get put down right away. (Poor baby died a virgin) 

Shortly after, I met a man who did wood work and asked him to make me a cross for my dog's grave, he said yes and gave me his number. As he walked away, my father had a fit and told me that it was blasphemy to even think that animals had souls, much less put the cross of our lord on a dog's grave.
( What the fuck ever dude!!!! ) So here's the truth!!!

First let me start by saying, that not all religions think alike. This does not mean that the religion is wrong, I believe that all religions have a little bit of the truth but i also believe that all of them have been misinterpreted by man in one way or another.

First let's begin with the purpose of animals on this earth. God gave us animals for three reasons:
1. To help us labor
2. To eat
3. For companionship

When God created animals he created them with souls. Their souls are not the same as our souls, they do not have human intelligence. Their souls are of a lower grade if I may. Their souls have some qualities as ours, like survival instincts and the ability to care and love; their souls also are capable of learning and mimicking but they do not have our intelligence and there is no intellectual evolution for them. Animals were brought here to help us with our evolution, with our daily struggles, for our needs and purposes. When an animal dies, his soul is not judged, his soul does not receive counseling so that he may better his next existence. When animals die, they reincarnate almost immediately and when they do they stay within their own kind. A dog will remain a dog, an elephant will remain an elephant and A bird will remain a bird. For this reason a human can never return as an animal and an animal will never return as a human. Our souls are not the same, our souls do not have the same purpose in our universe. And for the record, plants do not have souls. Plants are living organisms that God has put here to help us in different ways, for beauty, for evolution, for medicinal purposes, and for the growth of science. So next time you cut fresh flowers for your living room, don't worry it doesn't hurt when you cut them.

Here is a video that someone posted on their facebook. immediately after the mouse stops twitching, look at the right side of him. you will be amazed at what you see.

This video may be offensive or disturbing to viewers who are young, old, or love cute little furry critters!

This is kinda morbid.. Caught this little guy poking around my garage. I wasn't going to post it but then I noticed something right at 43 seconds, almost identical to the time he stops twitching....

Posted by Paul Rozek on Thursday, July 10, 2014
<![CDATA[The truth about Sleep and Dreams]]>Fri, 06 Mar 2015 05:32:58 GMThttp://fruitfromthetree.com/the-meaning-of-life-blog/the-truth-about-sleep-and-dreamsPicture
Sleep and Dreams

Allan Kardec's interview with an unknown spirit through mediumship. 

This Post is dedicated to my Son in law Chris, My you find the answers you are looking for. Many Blessings.

Q. Does the incarnated spirit reside willingly in his corporeal envelope?

A. You might as well ask whether a prisoner willingly remains locked up in prison. The incarnated spirit aspires incessantly after his deliverance; and the grosser his envelope, the more desirous is he to be rid of it."

Q. Does the soul take rest, like the body, during sleep?

A. "No; a spirit is never inactive. The bonds which unite him to the body are relaxed during sleep; and as the body does not then need his presence, he travels through space, and enters into more direct relation with other spirits."

We can determine the freedom of our spirit during sleep by dreams. Be very sure that, when his body is asleep, a spirit enjoys the use of faculties of which he is unconscious while his body is awake. He remembers the past, and sometimes foresees the future: he acquires more power, and is able to enter into communication with other spirits, either in this world or in some other.

You often say, 'I have had a strange dream, a frightful dream, without any likeness to reality' You are mistaken in thinking it to be so; for it is often a reminiscence of places and things which you have seen in the past, or a foresight of those which you will see in another existence, or in this one at some future time. The body being torpid, the spirit tries to break his chain, and seeks, in the past or in the future, for the means of doing so. "Poor human beings! how little do you know of the commonest phenomena of your life! You fancy yourselves to be very learned, and you are puzzled by the most ordinary things. To questions that any child might ask, 'What do we do when we are asleep?' 'What are dreams?' you are incapable of replying.

"Sleep effects a partial freeing of the soul from the body. When you sleep, your spirit is, for the time being, in the state in which you will be after your death. The spirits who at death are promptly freed from matter are those who, during their life, have had what may be called intelligent sleep. Such persons, when they sleep, regain the society of other spirits superior to themselves. They go about with them, conversing with them, and gaining instruction from them; they even work, in the spirit-world, at undertakings which, on dying, they find already begun or completed. From this you see how little death should be dreaded, since, according to the saying of St. Paul, you 'die daily.'

"What we have just stated refers to spirits of an elevated degree of advancement. As for those of the common mass of men, who, after their death, remain for long hours in the state of confusion and uncertainty of which you have been told by such, they go, during sleep, into worlds of lower rank than the earth, to which they are drawn back by old affections, or by the attraction of pleasures still baser than those to which they are addicted in your world; visits in which they gather ideas still viler, more ignoble, and more mischievous than those which they had professed during their waking hours. And that which engenders sympathy in the earthly life is nothing else than the fact that you feel yourselves, on waking, affectionately attracted towards those with whom you have passed eight or nine hours of happiness or pleasure. On the other hand, the explanation of the invincible antipathies you sometimes feel for certain persons is also to be found in the intuitive knowledge you have thus acquired of the fact that those persons have another conscience than yours, because you know them without having previously seen them with your bodily eyes. It is this same fact, moreover, that explains the indifference of some people for others; they do not care to make new friends, because they know that they have others by whom they are loved and cherished. In a word, sleep has more influence than you think upon your life.

"Through the effects of sleep, incarnated spirits are always in connection with the spirit-world; and it is in consideration of this fact that spirits of a higher order consent, without much repugnance, to incarnate themselves among you. God has willed that, during their contact with vice, they may go forth and fortify themselves afresh at the source of rectitude, in order that they, who have come into your world to instruct others, may not fall into evil themselves. Sleep is the gate opened for them by God, that they may pass through it to their friends in the spirit-world; it is their recreation after labor, while awaiting the great deliverance, the final liberation, that will restore them to their true place.

"Dreams are the remembrance of what your spirit has seen during sleep; but you must remark that you do not always dream, because you do not always remember what you have seen, or all that you have seen. Your dreams do not always reflect the action of your soul in its full development; for they are often only the reflex of the confusion that accompanies your departure or your return, mingled with the vague remembrance of what you have done, or of what has occupied your thoughts, in your waking state. In what other way can you explain the absurd dreams which are dreamed by the wisest as by the silliest of mankind? Bad spirits, also, make use of dreams to torment weak and timid souls.

"You will see, ere long, the development of another kind of dream, a kind which is as ancient as the one you know, but one of which you are ignorant. The dream we allude to is that of Jeanne Darc,1 of Jacob, of the Jewish prophets, and of certain Hindu ascetics, a dream which is the remembrance of the soul's experiences while entirely freed from the body, the remembrance of the second life, of which I spoke just now.

"You should carefully endeavor to distinguish these two kinds of dreams among those which you are able to recall: unless you do this, you will be in danger of falling into contradictions and errors that would be prejudicial to your belief."

Dreams are a product of the emancipation of the soul, rendered more active by the suspension of the active life of relation, and enjoying a sort of indefinite clairvoyance which extends to places at a great distance from us, or that we have never seen, or even to other worlds. To this state of emancipation is also due the remembrance which retraces to our memory the events that have occurred in our present existence or in preceding existences the strangeness of the images of what has taken place in worlds unknown to us, mixed up with the things of the present world, producing the confused and whimsical medleys that seem to be equally devoid of connection and of meaning.
The incoherence of dreams is still farther explained by the gaps resulting from the incompleteness of our remembrance of what has appeared to us in our nightly visions--an incompleteness similar to that of a narrative from which whole sentences, or parts of sentences, have been omitted by chance, and whose remaining fragments, having been thrown together again at random, have lost all intelligible meaning.

Q. Why do we not always remember our dreams?

A. "What you call sleep is only the repose of the body, for the spirit is always in motion. During sleep he recovers a portion of his liberty, and enters into communication with those who are dear to him, either in this world, or in other worlds; but as the matter of the body is heavy and gross, it is difficult for him to retain, on waking, the impressions he has received during sleep, because those impressions were not received by him through the bodily organs."

Q. What is to be thought of the signification attributed to dreams?

A. "Dreams are not really indications in the sense attributed to them by fortune-tellers; for it is absurd to believe that a certain kind of dream announces the happening of a certain kind of event. But they are indications in this sense, namely, that they present images which are real for the spirit, though they may have nothing to do with what takes place in his present corporeal life. Dreams are also, in many cases, as we have said, a remembrance; they may also be sometimes a presentiment of the future, if permitted by God, or the sight of something which is taking place at the time in some other place to which the soul has transported itself. Have you not many instances proving that persons may appear to their relatives and friends in dreams, and give them notice of what is happening to them? What are apparitions, if not the soul or spirit of persons who come to communicate with you? When you acquire the certainty that what you saw has really taken place, is it not a proof that it was no freak of your imagination, especially if what you saw were something which you had not thought of when you were awake?"

Q.  We often see in dreams things which appear to be presentiments, but which do not come to pass,--how is this?

A. "Those things may take place in the experience of the spirit, though not in that of the body, that is to say, that the spirit sees what he wishes to see because he goes to find it. You must not forget that, during sleep, the spirit is always more or less under the influence of matter; that, consequently, he is never completely free from terrestrial ideas, and that the objects of his waking thoughts may therefore give to his dreams the appearance of what he desires or of what he fears, thus producing what may be properly termed an effect of the imagination. When the mind is much busied with any idea, it is apt to connect everything it sees with that idea."

Q. When, in a dream, we see persons who are well known to us doing things which they are not in any way thinking of, is it not a mere effect of the imagination?

A. "Of which they are not thinking? How do you know that it is so? Their spirit may come to visit yours, as yours may go to visit theirs; and you do not always know, in your waking state, what they may be thinking of. And besides, you often, in your dreams, apply to persons whom you know, and according to your own desires, reminiscences of what took place, or is taking place, in other existences."

Q. Is it necessary to the emancipation of the soul that the sleep of the body should be complete?

A. "No; the spirit recovers his liberty as soon as the senses become torpid. He takes advantage, in order to emancipate himself, of every moment of respite left him by the body. As soon as there occurs any prostration of the vital forces, the spirit disengages himself from the body, and the feebler the body, the freer is the spirit."

It is for this reason that dozing, or a mere dulling of the senses, often presents the same images as dreaming.

Q. We sometimes seem to hear within ourselves words distinctly pronounced, but having no connection with what we are thinking of,-what is the cause of this?

A. "Yes, you often hear words, and even whole sentences, especially when your senses begin to grow torpid. It is sometimes the faint echo of the utterance of a spirit who wishes to communicate with you."

Q. Often, when only half-asleep, and with our eyes closed, we see distinct images, figures of which we perceive the minutest details,-is this an effect of vision or of imagination?

A. "The body being torpid, the spirit tries to break his chain. He goes away and sees; if the sleep were deeper, the vision would be a dream."

Q. We sometimes, when asleep, or half-asleep, have ideas which seem to us to be excellent, but which, despite all the efforts we make to recall them, are effaced from our memory on waking,-whence come these ideas?

A. "They are the result of the freedom of the spirit, who emancipates himself from the body, and enjoys the use of other faculties during this moment of liberty; and they are often counsels given you by other spirits."

Q. -- What is the use of such ideas and counsels, since we lose the remembrance of them, and cannot profit by them?

A. "Those ideas often belong rather to the world of spirits than to the corporeal world; but, in general, though the body may forget them, the spirit remembers them, and the idea recurs to him at the proper time, in his waking state, as though it were an inspiration of the moment."

Q. Does the incarnated spirit, when he is freed from matter and acting as a spirit, know the epoch of his death?

A. "He often has the presentiment of it. He sometimes has a very clear foreknowledge of it; and it is this which gives him the intuition of it in his waking state. It is this, also, which enables some persons to foresee the time of their death with perfect exactness."

Q. Can the activity of the spirit, during the repose or the sleep of the body, cause fatigue to the latter?

A. "Yes, for the spirit is attached to the body, as the captive balloon is fastened to the post; and, just as the post is shaken by the movements of the balloon, so the activity of the spirit reacts upon the body, and may cause it to feel fatigued."

Visits Between the Spirits of Living Persons

Q. The emancipation of the soul during sleep would seem to indicate that we live simultaneously two lives; the life of the body, which is that of exterior relation, and the life of the soul, which is that of occult relation,--is this so?

A. "During the emancipation of the soul, the life of the latter takes precedence of the life of the body; this, however, does not, strictly speaking, constitute two lives, but rather two phases of one and the same life, for a man does not live a double life."

Q. Can two persons, who are acquainted with each other, visit one another in sleep?

A. "Yes; and many others, who, in their waking state, do not know that they are acquainted, meet and converse together. You may, without suspecting it, have friends in another country. The fact of going, during sleep, to visit friends, relatives, acquaintances, persons who can be of use to you, is extremely frequent; and you yourselves accomplish these visits almost every night."

Q. What can be the use of these nocturnal meetings, since we do not remember them?

A. "The intuition of them generally remains with you in your waking state, and is often the origin of ideas which afterwards occur to you, as it were, spontaneously, without your being able to account for them, but which are really those you had obtained in the spirit-intercourse carried on by you during your sleep."

Q. Can a man ensure the making of spirit-visits by the exertion of his will? Can he do so, for example, by saying to himself, on going to sleep, "I will tonight meet such and such a person in spirit, and speak with him about such and such a thing"?

A. "This is what takes place. The man falls asleep, and his spirit wakens to the other life; but his spirit is often very far from following out the plan which had been resolved upon by the man, for the life of the man excites but little interest in a spirit when he is emancipated from matter. This statement, however, only applies to men who have already reached a certain degree of elevation. The others pass their spirit-existence very differently. They give free rein to their passions, or remain inactive. It may happen, therefore, according to the aim of the proposed action, that a spirit may go to see the parties he had, as a man, proposed to visit; but it does not follow that, because he has willed to do so in his waking state, he will necessarily do so in his state of freedom."

Q. Can a number of incarnate spirits, during sleep, meet together, and form assemblies?

A. "Undoubtedly they can. The ties of friendship, old or new, often bring together spirits who are happy to be in each other's company."

By the term old must be understood the ties of friendship contracted in anterior existences. We bring back with us, on waking, an intuition of the ideas which we have derived from these occult meetings, but of the source of which we are ignorant.

Q. If a person believed one of his friends to be dead who is not dead, could he meet him as a spirit, and thus learn that he is living? Could he, in such a case, preserve the intuition of this fact on waking?

A. "He could, certainly, as a spirit, see his friend, and know what is his situation; and if the belief in the death of that friend had not been imposed on him as an expiation, he might retain an impression of his existence, as, in the contrary case, he might retain that of his death."

Occult Transmission of Thought

Q. Whence comes it that the same idea-that of a discovery, for instance--so often suggests itself at the same time to several persons, although they may be at a distance from one another?

A. "We have already said that, during sleep, spirits communicate with one another; well, when his body awakes, a spirit remembers what he has learned, and the man thinks he has invented it. Thus several persons may find out the same thing at the same time. When you say that an idea is 'in the air,' you employ a figure of speech that is much nearer the truth than suppose. Every one helps unconsciously to propagate it."

In this way our spirit often reveals to other spirits, without our being aware of it, that which formed the object of our meditations before we went to sleep.

Q. Can spirits communicate between themselves when the body is awake?

A. "A spirit is not enclosed in his body as in a box, but radiates around it in every direction. He can, therefore, hold communication with other spirits even in the waking state, although he does so with more difficulty."

Q. How comes it that two persons, perfectly awake, often have the same thought at the same moment?

A. "It is because two spirits, who are in sympathy, may communicate their thought to each other even when the body is not asleep."

There is, between spirits, a communication of thoughts which sometimes enables two persons to see and understand one another without having any need of human speech. They may be said to speak the language of spirits.

Lethargy, Catalepsy, Apparent Death

Q. In lethargy and catalepsy, the patients generally see and hear what takes place around them, but are unable to manifest their impressions. Is it through the eyes and ears of the body that these impressions are received?

A. "No; they are received by the spirit. The spirit is conscious, but cannot express himself."

Q.  Why can he not express himself?

A. "The state of his body prevents his doing so; and this peculiar state of his bodily organs proves that man consists of something more than a body, since the body no longer works, and yet the spirits acts."

Q. Can a spirit, in a state of lethargy, separate himself entirely from his body, so as to give to the latter all the outward appearances of death, and afterwards come back and inhabit it?

A. "In lethargy, the body is not dead, for it still accomplishes some of its functions. Its vitality is latent, as in the chrysalis, but is not annihilated; and a spirit is united to his body as long as it remains alive. When once the links which keep them together are broken by the death and desegregation of the bodily organs, the separation is complete, and the spirit never again comes back to his body. When one who is apparently dead comes to life again, it is because the process of death was not entirely consummated."

Q. Is it possible, by means of timely help, to renew the ties which were ready to break, and to give back life to a person who, but for this help, would have definitively ceased to live?

A. "Yes, undoubtedly; and you have proofs of this every day. Mesmerism often exercises, in such cases, a powerful restorative action, because it gives to the body the vital fluid which it lacks, and which is necessary to keep up the play of the organs."

Lethargy and catalepsy proceed from the same cause, namely, the temporary loss of sensibility and power of motion, from some as yet unexplained physiological condition. They differ in this respect, namely, that, in lethargy, the suppression of the vital force is general, and gives to the body an the appearances of death, whereas, in catalepsy, that suppression is localized, and may affect a more or less extensive portion of the body, while leaving the intelligence free to manifest itself a fact which does not allow it to be confounded with death. Lethargy is always natural catalepsy is sometimes spontaneous, but it may be produced and dissipated artificially by mesmeric action.

Somnambulism (Sleep Walking)

Q. Is there any connection between natural somnambulism and dreaming?

A. "In somnambulism the independence of the soul is more complete, and its functions are more developed, than in dreaming, and it has perceptions that it has not in dreaming, which is an imperfect somnambulism.

"In somnambulism, the spirit is entirely freed from the action of matter; the material organs, being in a sort of catalepsy, are no longer receptive of external impressions.

"This state most frequently occurs during sleep, because the spirit is then able to absent itself from the body which is given up to the repose that is indispensable to matter. When somnambulism occurs, it is because the spirit of the sleeper, intent upon doing something or other that requires the aid of his body, makes use of it in a manner analogous to that in which spirits make use of a table, or other material object, in producing the phenomena of physical manifestations, or of a human hand, in giving written communications. In the dreams of which a man is conscious, his organs, including those of memory, are beginning to awaken; and, as they only receive and transmit to the spirit imperfectly the impressions made on them by exterior objects or action, the spirit, who is then in a state of repose, only perceives these impressions through confused and often disconnected sensations, which, in many cases, are still further confused by being mingled with vague remembrances of his present life and anterior existences. It is easy, therefore, to understand why somnambulists do not remember their visions, and why the greater number of the dreams you remember have no rational meaning. I say the greater number, for it sometimes happens that dreams are the consequence of a precise remembrance of events that have occurred in one of your former lives, or even a sort of intuition of the future."

Q. Is there any connection between what is called mesmeric somnambulism and natural somnambulism?

A. "They are the same thing; the only difference between them being that one of them is artificially produced."

Q. What is the nature of the agent called the magnetic or mesmeric fluid?

A. "It is the vital fluid, animalized electricity; a modification of the universal fluid."

Q. What is the nature of somnambulic clairvoyance?

A. "We have told you that it is soul-sight."

Q. How can the somnambulist see through opaque bodies?

A. "It is only to your gross organs that bodies are opaque. Have we not told you that matter is not an obstacle for a spirit, since he passes freely through it? A somnambulist often tells you that he sees through his forehead, his knee, etc., because you, being plunged in matter, do not understand that he can see without the help of organs. He himself, influenced by your ideas, believes that he needs those organs; but, if you left him to himself, he would understand that he sees through every part of his body, or rather, that he sees independently of his body."

Q. Since the clairvoyance of the somnambulist is that of his soul or of his spirit, why does he not see everything, and why does he so often make mistakes?

A. "In the first place, spirits of low degree do not see and comprehend everything, for, as you know, they still share your errors and your prejudices; and, in the next place, as long as they remain more or less attached to matter, they have not the use of all their spirit-faculties. God has given the faculty of clairvoyance to man for a serious and useful purpose, and not to inform him of what it is not permitted to him to know; and this is why somnambulists do not know everything."

Q. What is the source of the somnambulist's innate ideas, and how can he speak correctly of things of which he is ignorant in his waking state, and which are even above his intellectual capacity?

A. "A somnambulist may possess more knowledge than you give him credit for; but this knowledge is latent in his waking state, because his envelope is too imperfect for him to be able to remember all he knows as a spirit. But, in point of fact, what is he? Like all of us, he is a spirit who has been incarnated in matter for the accomplishment of his mission, and his going into the somnambulic state rouses him from the lethargy of incarnation. We have repeatedly told you that we re-live many times. It is this changing of our existences that causes him to lose sight, in a new connection with matter, of what he may have know in a preceding one. On entering into the state which you call a crisis, he recalls what he has formerly known, but not always with completeness. He knows, but he cannot tell whence he derives his knowledge, nor in what way he possesses it. The crisis over, his reminiscences fade from his consciousness, and he re-enters the obscurity of corporeal life."

Experience shows us that somnambulists also receive communications from other spirits, who tell them what they are to say, and supply what is lacking on their part. This supplementing of their insufficiency is often and especially witnessed in medical consultations the spirit of the clairvoyant seeing the malady, and another spirit indicating the remedy required. This double action is often patent to bystanders, and is also frequently revealed by such expressions on the part of the somnambulist as, "1 am told to say," or, "I am forbidden to say," etc. In the latter case, it is always dangerous to persist in the effort to obtain a revelation refused by the clairvoyant, because, by doing so, we open the door to frivolous and unscrupulous spirits, who prate about everything without any regard to veracity.

Q. How do you explain the power of seeing at a distance possessed by some somnambulists?

A. "Does not the soul transport itself to a distance during sleep? It does the same thing in somnambulism,"

Q. Does the greater or less degree of somnambulic clairvoyance depend on the physical organization of the body, or on the nature of the spirit incarnated in it?

A. "On both; but there are physical qualities that allow the spirit to liberate himself more or less easily from matter."

Q. Are the faculties enjoyed by the somnambulist the same as those possessed by the spirit after death?

A. "They are the same, but only up to a certain point; for you have to take into account the influence of the matter to which he is still attached."

Q. Can somnambulists see other spirits?

A. "That depends on the nature and degree of their faculties. The greater number of them see other spirits perfectly well, but they do not always recognize them at once as being such, and thus mistake them for corporeal beings; a mistake that is often made by somnambulists, and especially by those among them who know nothing of Spiritism. Not understanding anything of the essence of spirits, they are astonished at seeing them in human form, and suppose them to be living persons."

The same effect is produced at the moment of death in the consciousness of those who suppose themselves to be still living. Nothing about them appears to them to be changed. The spirits around them seem to have bodies like ours, and they take the appearance of their own body to be that of a real body of flesh.
436. When a somnambulist sees objects at a distance, does he see them with his body or with his soul?

"Why should you ask such a question, since it is the soul that sees, and not the body?"

Q. Since it is the soul that transports itself to a distance, how is it that the somnambulist feels in his body the sensation of the heat or the cold of the place where his soul is, and which is sometimes very far from the place where his body is?

A. "His soul has not entirely quitted his body, to which it is still attached by the link which unites them together; it is this link that is the conductor of sensation. When two persons in two different cities correspond with each other by electricity, it is the electricity that constitutes the link between their thoughts, and enables them to communicate with one another as though they were close together."

Q. Is the state of the somnambulist influenced after death by the use he has made of his faculty?

A. "Very considerably; as is done by the good or bad use of all the faculties that God has given to man."

<![CDATA[Spirit World and our world.. ]]>Fri, 20 Feb 2015 04:45:58 GMThttp://fruitfromthetree.com/the-meaning-of-life-blog/spirit-world-and-our-worldToday I'm going to give you a little bit more on Allan Kardec's interview with the spirits. Feel free to ask any questions

Primitive and Normal World
Q. Do spirits constitute a world apart from that which we see?

A. "Yes; the world of spirits or incorporeal intelligences."

Q. Which of the two, the spirit-world or the corporeal world, is the principal one in the order of the universe?

A. "The spirit-world. It is pre-existent to, and survives, everything else."

Q. Might the corporeal world never have existed, or cease to exist, without changing the essentiality of the spirit-world?

A. "Yes; they are independent of each other, and yet their correlation is incessant, for they react incessantly upon each other."

Q. Do spirits occupy a determinate and circumscribed region in space?

A. "Spirits are everywhere; the infinitudes of space are peopled with them in infinite numbers. Unperceived by you, they are incessantly beside you, observing and acting upon you; for spirits are one of the powers of Nature, and are the instruments employed by God for the accomplishment of His providential designs. But all spirits do not go everywhere; there are regions of which the entrance is interdicted to those who are less advanced."