Today I'm going to give you a little bit more on Allan Kardec's interview with the spirits. Feel free to ask any questions

Primitive and Normal World
Q. Do spirits constitute a world apart from that which we see?

A. "Yes; the world of spirits or incorporeal intelligences."

Q. Which of the two, the spirit-world or the corporeal world, is the principal one in the order of the universe?

A. "The spirit-world. It is pre-existent to, and survives, everything else."

Q. Might the corporeal world never have existed, or cease to exist, without changing the essentiality of the spirit-world?

A. "Yes; they are independent of each other, and yet their correlation is incessant, for they react incessantly upon each other."

Q. Do spirits occupy a determinate and circumscribed region in space?

A. "Spirits are everywhere; the infinitudes of space are peopled with them in infinite numbers. Unperceived by you, they are incessantly beside you, observing and acting upon you; for spirits are one of the powers of Nature, and are the instruments employed by God for the accomplishment of His providential designs. But all spirits do not go everywhere; there are regions of which the entrance is interdicted to those who are less advanced."


02/25/2015 7:52am

Why would god allow some people to be rich and others to be nothing but beggers? That's just wrong!!!

03/02/2015 3:29pm

in every life that we live, we come to prefect ourselves. To understand it better, think of life on this earth like a class room. Lets suppose you become wealthy in this life but, you hoard your riches, you bypass the poor and homeless and spend only on yourself and who you deem fit.

Ok, after you pass on to the spirit world, you realize the wrong you have committed by living your life in that fashion. You, in your true form, decide you would like to rid yourself of greed and learn to be more compassionate and sympathetic. After some time and council, knowing you are soon to reincarnate again, you request to come back as a beggar. Only this way will you suffer hunger, need and humility, so much so that your spirit (your soul) will never forget the pain and agony of it.Once you have passed on, you will be rewarded because you have been though hell (passed through the lake of fire) and now you may be counseled on other obstacles in your nature that you need to rid yourself of in order to some day reach perfection. when you return to a cardinal body, you will sympathize with the poor and homeless and give freely, because something in your heart feels and understands their needs.

03/04/2015 9:05am

Really??? ok answer me this, my father is a die hard Catholic, when my Dog died, I brought home two, straight, solid branches from a tree and asked my father to help me make a cross, so that i can mark the grave of our dog. My father looked at me with great concern and told me that that was blasphemy because animals did not have souls. I cried for months! I mean how is it that a living thing with instincts and love and feelings Don't have a soul? I understand plants not having a soul, but animals?
please elaborate!

03/25/2015 8:45am

Hi Debbie, I'm really glad you asked that question.

First let me start by saying, that not all religions think alike. This does not mean that the religion is wrong, I believe that all religions have a little bit of the truth but i also believe that all of them have been misinterpreted by man in one way or another.
My parents are also Catholic and believe the same thing.

Debbie first let's begin with the purpose of animals on this earth. God gave us animals for three reasons:
1. To help us labor
2. To eat
3. For companionship

When God created animals he created them with souls. Their souls are not the same as our souls, they do not have human intelligence. Their souls are of a lower grade if I may. Their souls have some qualities as ours, like survival instincts and the ability to care and love; their souls also are capable of learning and mimicking but they do not have our intelligence and there is no intellectual evolution for them. Animals were brought here to help us with our evolution, with our daily struggles, for our needs and purposes. When an animal dies, his soul is not judged, his soul does not receive counseling so that he may better his next existence. When animals die, they reincarnate almost immediately and when they do they stay within their own kind. A dog will remain a dog, an elephant will remain an elephant and A bird will remain a bird. For this reason a human can never return as an animal and an animal will never return as a human. Our souls are not the same, our souls do not have the same purpose in our universe. And for the record, plants do not have souls. Plants are living organisms that God has put here to help us in different ways, for beauty, for evolution, for medicinal purposes, and for the growth of science. So next time you cut fresh flowers for your living room, don't worry it doesn't hurt when you cut them.

03/12/2017 7:31am

What if person doesn't believe in spirits and other things? What can you say about it?

06/01/2017 7:11pm

This interview with Allan Kardec is making me believe that spirits are true. I am one of the few people who do not have a concrete belief in spirits for no one knows what happens after death. But these statements are worth the ponder. I hope to read the book of Kardec about this matter because he really got my attention here. Now, I was left wanting to know more!


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