My children at some point or another all asked me the same question, "mommy, what happens to animals after they die? Do they go to heaven?" truthfully, although I wasn't so sure; my intuition always said that they did, so... my answer was always the same, "of course they do honey" I mean really, what the hell you you tell a 7 year old child in tears because their Goldfish died. We had a dog named Blanco for many years, Blanco was a Pit bull and very friendly. He was gentle with small animals and rough with stuffed toys. One night someone left the front door open and Blanco got out. He saw a woman standing with her shih tzu and Blanco being the very playful dog that he was, picked him up, shook him around and killed him  of fright. he never punctured him with his teeth, but it did look like a stuffed toy. ugh... The city of north Las Vegas has a no tolerance for pit bulls and they get put down right away. (Poor baby died a virgin) 

Shortly after, I met a man who did wood work and asked him to make me a cross for my dog's grave, he said yes and gave me his number. As he walked away, my father had a fit and told me that it was blasphemy to even think that animals had souls, much less put the cross of our lord on a dog's grave.
( What the fuck ever dude!!!! ) So here's the truth!!!

First let me start by saying, that not all religions think alike. This does not mean that the religion is wrong, I believe that all religions have a little bit of the truth but i also believe that all of them have been misinterpreted by man in one way or another.

First let's begin with the purpose of animals on this earth. God gave us animals for three reasons:
1. To help us labor
2. To eat
3. For companionship

When God created animals he created them with souls. Their souls are not the same as our souls, they do not have human intelligence. Their souls are of a lower grade if I may. Their souls have some qualities as ours, like survival instincts and the ability to care and love; their souls also are capable of learning and mimicking but they do not have our intelligence and there is no intellectual evolution for them. Animals were brought here to help us with our evolution, with our daily struggles, for our needs and purposes. When an animal dies, his soul is not judged, his soul does not receive counseling so that he may better his next existence. When animals die, they reincarnate almost immediately and when they do they stay within their own kind. A dog will remain a dog, an elephant will remain an elephant and A bird will remain a bird. For this reason a human can never return as an animal and an animal will never return as a human. Our souls are not the same, our souls do not have the same purpose in our universe. And for the record, plants do not have souls. Plants are living organisms that God has put here to help us in different ways, for beauty, for evolution, for medicinal purposes, and for the growth of science. So next time you cut fresh flowers for your living room, don't worry it doesn't hurt when you cut them.

Here is a video that someone posted on their facebook. immediately after the mouse stops twitching, look at the right side of him. you will be amazed at what you see.

This video may be offensive or disturbing to viewers who are young, old, or love cute little furry critters!

This is kinda morbid.. Caught this little guy poking around my garage. I wasn't going to post it but then I noticed something right at 43 seconds, almost identical to the time he stops twitching....

Posted by Paul Rozek on Thursday, July 10, 2014


06/24/2015 2:03pm

"Their souls are of a lower grade if I may" sounds as some kind of discrimination.
I must say that for many reasons I'd better prefer an animals rather then humans!

07/01/2015 6:28pm

Reincarnation allows evolution of the soul. Spirits reincarnate into successive material existences in order to evolve intellectually and morally. Humans have a degree of free will while living on planet Earth, although they are subjects to natural laws including the Law of Cause and Effect. When spirits return to their home in the spirit world, they have the option to come back to Earth for another life lesson. Most spirits choose this option many times.
The goal of reincarnation (or soul evolution) is to reach relative perfection. Then reincarnation is no longer necessary and there is no need for suffering. Human beings determine their own path by the choices they make in this process. To love, to forgive, and to be compassionate are some of the lessons spirits should learn to apply while incarnated on Earth.
The spirits of human beings do NOT reincarnate into the bodies of animals. Reincarnation is soul evolution, this implies that regression to less evolved life forms in not possible.

03/22/2017 4:20am

I truly do believe that when the dogs died, they go to heaven. Some say that they have a purpose in life and they are reincarnated in the other dog's body. I am not certain which one to believe, but I know God is with them. My dog gave away and it felt really, really sad for us family since she was our dog for more than 10 years. She was one of the closest dog to us. Sometimes I heard the footsteps of my dog walking on the stairs at night and I am not frightened because I know that she is still there to guard us.

04/04/2016 2:06am

...I do love my cat and she lives with us 15 years and she is like a part of our family and she tries to soothe us when we have a fight at home.

07/31/2016 9:49am

Do you think ants has souls too?


I think that everything have sould! Trees, plants, bugs and stones. It's all alive!

02/16/2017 10:32pm

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