Today, I have to say that I'm going to touch a topic that has really hit home. So many things have happen to me in these short 44 years of my life, I have been abandoned, abused, in love, blessed, taken, worked to death, lost, I have suffered death, lies, single parenting, I have been blessed with children, jobs, friends, family.... But nothing beats the things I went through in the last two years. I gained over 50 lbs that I just couldn’t lose no matter what and it seemed to be weighing me down, I almost lost my most humblest of sons to meningitis, had to help my last two children overcome drug abuse, Anger and violence issues and had to get my uterus and fallopian tubes removed due to two illnesses that had come over me. (that’s what the weight gain was about) Cared for my mother through her last 2 months of cancer, then walked her through to the spirit world until she left me. During all this turmoil, My eldest son had a beautiful son who I call Gordo because hes so chubby and cute, Shortly after his birth, he and his girl had an ugly split up and although I subconsciously saw this next one coming, I just wasn’t expecting it Ever; ready for this, My son came out of the closet.

My son is the third of my six children, first born son. He has two older sisters and they are all two years apart. I remember when he was a baby, my girls, both having straight hair, loved to play with his curly head of hair. During these play times, they would dress him up as a girl and I remember my mother getting really upset and saying that if they continued to do this, they would surly turn my son gay. I never believed that theory, I mean gay is not something that is made, I believed it was something you are born with. I knew that because I too am what I call “Half Fag.” After a couple of years, he started to play with dolls, not alone, but with his sisters and I remember the care he took on the baby dolls, caring and changing them like real babies. Again my mother told me to take them from him because it would some how, in her mind, turn him gay. I again did not agree and told her that if anything, it is a good sign that my son is developing nurturing tendencies and there is nothing wrong with a father who nurtures his children. So, yes I allowed it and eventually he grew out of it and moved forward to boy things like violent video games, bikes and even boy scout. 

To me, there were always little signs here and there of feminism, the laugh, his movements, the songs he chose to sing out loud, you know, those little things that make your every day Joe call you gay while laughing it off. But after he gave me a grand son, I figured it was just left overs from his former life and that was the end. I'm sure there are many people that are reincarnated as the opposite sex and don’t act upon it; nevertheless, the possibilities are always there. Needless to say, my son decided to come out and publicly say that he is a bi-sexual man. To be honest, I was not shocked at all. My only shock was that he decided to tell the world through social media rather than a good old fashion family dinner. You know the dinner with the clacking of the silverware to the dishes, that one brother who always chew too loud, the chattering with no end, then the awkward moment when the announcement is made.

After reading the Spirits book, I truly understood why some people are attracted to their same sex, I understood why some people actually feel as if they were born in the wrong body. They feel trapped, they feel as if it was a mistake and some feel so strongly about it, that they even go as far as surgically changing it and changing their entire lives. So, what does this all mean for a gay? OK, let's look at it deeper shall we: 

when we are born into the world, we come to perfect our souls. A greedy rich man will more than than likely come back as a beggar, a woman who would not care for her sick child, would probably be reborn with an illness and a male chauvinistic asshole, would probably come back as a fragile little woman. now why in earth, would we come back as the opposite? Let's take the rich man and dissect that scenario for a moment. Say there's a Rich man and he loves his money and he spends it on himself his entire life, that would make him greedy. And if you want to get biblical, greedy is one of the seven deadly sins. Okay, so let's say this person is walking down the street and a beggar put his hand out to him, The person will extend their hand and the Rich man's first reaction would be to cringe for fear of germs, then automatically become defensive and think to himself that that person should take a shower, get it together and get a job. The rich go throughout their lives with this attitude, because they feel that their money was rightfully earned and it belongs to them. Okay man gets old, dies of a heart attack. He goes into the spirit world and he takes a long hard look at what he did with his life. Surely, a celestial being is going to ask him “what did you do with all the money that God allowed you to obtain?” And that's where his own hell comes in.

This my friends, would be the meaning of hell to someone who really cares about eternity and their souls. Once he realizes what he has done, the people he could have saved and how easily he could have given a hot meal to anyone in need, then he begins to make his future plans to correct his wrongs.
The spirits say: that for the majority of the time, you choose your own destiny; meaning, you choose what you would like to come back as in order to help your purification, your progress. So the rich man chooses to come back as a beggar because he needs to know what it's like to need, to want, to be humiliated, to be wronged and to be rejected when he puts his hand out. Only in this way will he learn to sympathize with the poor and the needy.

So the rich man is now reborn and in order to get him to become a beggar, God will allow him to have an illness; let's use "paranoid schizophrenia." This poor beggar spent his entire life not being able to function in society, becomes homeless, and then dies a horrible death in the freezing cold under a bridge. Now he's back in the spirit world again, but this time he didn't do the wrongs he did before. Now that he knows what it's like to be a poor beggar, he will be reborn again and in his new life it would be very difficult for him to reject an open hand. His heart and his intuition will carry the sympathy and the burdens of his past experiences and every time he sees a homeless person, his heart will go out to him automatically; thus, making him a giver in this life. And that is why God allows illness, poverty and all kinds of things, because it's all part of the perfect plan.

So let's go back to the gay situation. Every Life you live, you learn something and your soul never forget those things. Although your organic brain has no memory of any of it, your souls intuition does. So if you've been reincarnated five times as a man, who obviously loves women, it would be difficult for you to come back in a woman's body and not be attracted to other women. It's the same thing with women. If a soul is reincarnated as a woman five times, then suddenly brought back as a man, that soul only knows feminism and love towards men. Remember, souls have no sex, that only come with the organic body. For some souls It's hard to readjust and do things the opposite way. So you see that is how you know you are born gay, you are not made into one. I'm not saying that it's right, but I'm sure as hell not saying that it's wrong. Love is love and if you have to fight too hard to not be attracted to the same sex, you're going to live a miserable existence. So do what you got to do as long as it is in the name of love not just pure pleasures. That's not just on the topic of gays, but this is a practice that everyone should apply to everything in their lives. Love, Sympathy and Charity should come first and for most. Trust me when I tell you, if you put all those things first, everything else will start falling into place. Even if you spend the rest of your life with a gay partner, it just doesn't fucking matter. You love who you love, as long as there's no malice, you will be blessed.

Liked my Blog, great! Please comment, I would love to read your thoughts and discuss anything you want. Hate by Blog. Boo! Please comment and tell me why?
Many blessings,



Magic Mike
04/05/2017 7:57pm

<3 <3 <3

09/06/2017 8:32am

I am always in favor of what will make a person happy. If you think that being gay will make you happy, then choose to be one! There's no person worthy to restrict you other than yourself. You are the one responsible for your own life so make sure that every decision you make are for your happiness. In the first place, there's nothing wrong with being gay! Let go and just be free!

04/05/2017 8:17pm

In our society all genders are accepted. You can either be a girl or boy or lesbian or gay or bisexual. Just be yourself, because that is one of the important things to do. Never let other people define you! You can never please anyone and you can't let them like you either. We are in the world where we have to love and appreciate ourselves more than anyone.


Of course it doesn't matter! The only important thing for you is your happiness.

08/01/2017 1:01pm

You can't blame people for their choices. We should respect them. That's my opinion.

09/13/2017 11:15pm

I am very comfortable and pleased to come here. Thank you very much.

10/03/2017 3:50am

Thanks for sharing your article. I really enjoyed it!

10/18/2017 8:33am

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